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The Golden Gates
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Golden Army Trial
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Our Current Team

Enigma_m7 (GMT +2)

Nedvedd (GMT +2)

RoA-Dartz (GMT +3)

Judgment Dragon (GMT +1)

JBourne (GMT +2)

Atlus (GMT +2)

Hiei the pk(GMT -5)

Mino (GMT)

Nhant (GMT -7)

Nico Robin
(GMT -5)

Blitz (GMT +4)

Drakon (GMT +2)

overd0se.KayKay (GMT)

PhantomX [He doesn't need a Timezone]

Shjavo [GMT +3]

Darkrai [GMT +2]

CotW and DotM

GA has voted Monster Reborn as card of the week.  


GA has voted ---- as Deck of the month.

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News And Updates

Here are a few things you should be updated with:

KC Survival Tourny {Round of 8 will be starting soon.}

Official KC Tourny {Hosted by Aki, R2 going on}

KC Demigod Tourny {Hosted by Joanna} Sign-ups!

GA vs EX War!!!